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F E A T U R E D   P R O J E C T


The Radicals is an environmental, surf and snow documentary that follows four First Nations communities of B.C, Canada as they fight to defend the land they call home from the development of destructive industries. 
This title sequence is a collaboration between myself and good friend, Conlan Normington - By using sand lamps to imitate the rivers, streams and life that lies within, the sequence aims to represent the ecosystem at the hearts of these communities. The abstract sand clips are combined with footage from the physical locations and animated text to achieve the final effect. 

Film Credits

Tamo Campus and Brian Hockenstein

Intro Sequence Credits 

Directors: Conlan Normington & Brian Hockenstein  |  Composting and animation: Conlan Normington

Sand footage: Alex Wilson  |  Edit: Conlan Normington and Alex Wilson  |  Footage: Brian Hockenstein  |  Music: The Weight - Hanging Valleys


AEAF Gold Winner - Feature Film Titles Sequence - More Info

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