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Hanging Valleys - Endless Wave (Official Video)

I've wanted to collaborate with Hanging Valleys for a long time now, so when I had the opportunity to travel to northern Norway, I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to finally make it happen.

Located in the stunning Lofoten Islands, Unstad is a small coastal community with a population of approximately 15 people. The town is slowly becoming a mecca for surfers the world over, as they come looking to brave the imposing arctic swell. Nestled within a giant valley, Unstad feels very much sheltered from the outside world. Once surrounded by the vast landscape, you feel completely isolated, yet you are surrounded by some of the most incredible, imposing scenery you will ever see, with an endless view out across the water. The weather may be unpredictable, but when the swell is good the surfing is a sight to behold. 

The serenity of the town and surroundings is such a juxtaposition to the intensity of watching the surfers brave 10-foot waves, wipe out and disappear into the whitewash. Its nature at its most beautiful and scary all at once and it seemed like the perfect setting to compliment the sounds of 'Endless Wave'. 

Alex Wilson - Director, Concept, Shooting, Editing & Colour

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Hanging Valleys - Fundamentals (Official Video)

The 'Fundamentals' video follows the journey of various bubbles as they battle their way through the elements and ever changing landscapes. It encompasses the message of the song, that despite the unknown obstacles we will all face in life, you have to hold on tight, adjust, and battle on through. "Grab hold, don't you give in." As we follow these bubbles throughout the video, they interact with their constantly shifting surroundings, punching through waves and breaking out of the constraints around them. 

"This isn't the first time we've collaborated with Alex. He's the major dude behind the vastly different but equally mesmerising video for Endless Wave. It's amazing to have him on board as he truly brings the songs to life. Thank you brother!" - Kind words from 'Hanging Valleys'

Alex Wilson - Director, Concept, Shooting, Editing & Colour

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